Why Any eCommerce Business Needs A Sales Funnel

Having a sales funnel in 2016 for your eCommerce business is absolutely crucial Problem is, I’ve found most eCommerce entrepreneurs don’t even know what one is. Or they do “know” what it is, but don’t quite understand it fully, or how to create one. Let me break this down for you (this is one of the eCommerce sales funnels I built for a client of mine): He was runningRead more


Houston, we’ve gone stand alone.

It's been a big last month for us here at Cart Grab. In fact, we even changed names and rebranded! From "Profit Funnels" to "Cart Grab" Why? Originally we started out as a Shopify app, but quickly knew that where we wanted to go, Shopify couldn't provide. We set out on a mission to be the ultimate eCommerce platform. We knew what we wanted to accomplish Increase customer checkoutRead more

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